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Quodlibet, formerly the CRNLE Reviews Journal, is a freely accessible, fully refereed international e-journal published twice a year by the Department of English, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

The journal aims to publish high-quality academic work produced by scholars associated with tertiary institutions who are conducting research in the areas of

  • Postcolonial literatures
  • New Literatures in English
  • International Writing

Unpublished papers are invited from researchers in both Australian and overseas universities. Postgraduate and Honours students are encouraged to submit papers.

ISSN 1832-0813


About CRNLE Reviews Journal

Quodlibet was formerly a hard copy journal called the CRNLE Reviews Journal, which was the publishing outlet of the Centre for Research in New Literatures in English, a centre which was founded in 1977 by Dr Syd Harrex and based in the Department of English at Flinders University, South Australia. The Centre promotes research into the literatures of India, Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and Australia, and all parts of the world where literature in English has been written. The Centre has a world-wide list of associates and a long list of publications, and organises and supports a number of conferences involved in the scholarly investigation of the role of new literatures throughout the world.

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