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Transnational Literature

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Only Connect: The Legacies of Syd Harrex

Special Feature: Volume 8, no. 2, May 2016
Guest Editor: Melinda Graefe, Flinders University

‘Everywhere is a centre, wherever a story is told or a poem created.’ - Alastair Niven

S.C. Harrex, Sydji, Syd. Poet and scholar, a mentor and mate to many. Dr. Syd Harrex founded the Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English (CRNLE) at Flinders University in April 1977, to promote research in the fields of literature more commonly known as ‘Commonwealth’ or ‘Postcolonial.’ From the outset Syd preferred the designation ‘New Literatures in English’ to encourage the cross-cultural encounters that emerged from researching the literatures of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Africa, the West Indies, the Philippines, the Pacific, and South-East Asia. From this innovative Centre emerged the CRNLE Reviews Journal, the forebear of today’s Transnational Literature. Through both the Centre and its journal, Syd and a group of dedicated research associates maintained as their guiding vision to ‘only connect,’ to encourage exchange between scholars of ideas and research materials in what was then a budding field.

The special feature will be dedicated to the memory of Syd Harrex. Transnational Literature is calling for scholarly papers, creative works, and also shorter scholarly pieces (of around 500 words) that might reflect more personally on Syd’s contributions to research and creative writing. We welcome papers and creative works that engage with Syd’s scholarly and creative work, and more generally invite a revisitation of Syd’s work on new literatures in English, exploring the importance of this term in relation to theories of the postcolonial: what freedoms or restraints does Syd’s term allow us? We also welcome papers and creative works that include but are not limited to the following topics:

• Islandic identity;
• Postcolonial travel literature, especially travel poems;
• Postcolonial sister arts - literature and music, literature and visual arts;
• New literatures that write back to old literatures;
• Any aspect of contemporary writing from South and South-East Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Transnational Literature invites unpublished papers not currently under consideration by any other publisher. Article submissions should be 4000-6000 words in length and should include an abstract of approximately 150 words in addition to a brief author biography. Shorter, reflective, pieces will be considered for this special issue.

Please consult the submission guide.

Send queries and submissions by email to
with the subject line ‘Syd Harrex Special Feature’.

Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2015




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