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Transnational Literature

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Volume 11, Issue 1
December 2018

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(Alice Healy Ingram)


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 Peer-reviewed articles
  Jameel Alghaberi The Concepts of Home and Statelessness in Palestinian Diaspora Fiction: Reflections in Randa Jarrar’s A Map of Home
  Adnan Mahmutović To Issue a Firefly’s Glow: Wormhole Geographies and Positionality in Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist 
  Iakovos Menelaou The Cultural Wealth of Cyprus and the Role of Nature in Seferis’ Logbook III
  Mike Piero Dialogical Numbers: Counting Humanimal Pain in J.M. Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello
  Lekha Roy and Rano Ringo Liminality and Otherness: Exploring Transcultural Space in Rita Dove’s The Yellow House on the Corner
  Daneshwar Sharma Fiji MAA: A Book of a Thousand Readings
  Levi Thompson A Transnational Approach to ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al-Bayātī’s ʿUmar Khayyām
  Robyn Walton On Pacification and Perspective: The International Referents of an Australian Artwork and a Novel
  Lili Zhang 'Including China' in Postcolonial Studies: An Interview with Bill Ashcroft
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(editor Alison Flett)
  Featured Poet  
  Andy Jackson Andy Jackson: An Introduction
    Out of Focus
    The Hunchback in the Park Watching Dylan Thomas
  Syrian Poetry Feature
  Ghayath Almadhoun An Introduction to Syrian Poetry
  Four Poems: 'How I became ...'; 'We'; 'I Can't Attend'; 'Ode to Sadness'
  Golan Haji Two Poems: 'Cliffs'; 'Spring Skies'
  Rasha Omran The Woman who Dwelt in the House Before
  Raed Wahesh Absence
  Poetry General  
  Stuart Barnes Petrarchan Sonnet
  J V Birch Ladybirds
  Stuart Cooke Two Poems: 'Components'; 'Buenos Aires contemporary'
  Steve Evans The Fast Train to Assen
  Michael Farrell In Bed with Metallica / En la Cama con Metallica (Translation by Kurt Folch)
  Rachael Guy The Fall
  Cary Hamlyn The Train to Mandalay
  Rose Hunter Two Poems: 'Paris to Flamingo'; 'all this is blurred and much bluer than it was'
  Cath Kenneally Two Poems: 'Trench Warfare'; 'split or stay?'
  Janet Lees Two Poems: 'Practising'; 'Rogue Wave'
  Bella Li Part Two: The Lady Hideko
  Pooja Nansi Two Poems: 'Poem for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ending in a beginning'; 'Tell me the Story'
  Nathanael O'Reilly O My America
  Juan Garrido Salgado Ellas Madres y Esposas
  Dominic Symes T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I.
Complete poetry December 2018 (for printing or downloading)
  Fiction in Translation
(Editor: Md Rezaul Haque)
  'Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencils' by Aeen Norouzi, translated from Persian by Yasaman Rahmani
  'Bitter Secrets' by Claudine Jacques, translated from French by Patricia Worth
  Fiction and life-writing
(Editor: Ruth Starke)
  Mushtaq Bilal The Girl with the Book

This love story cum mystery is set in present day Pakistan and explores the extent to which people, especially women, have their life choices circumscribed by religious and cultural indoctrination.

  Nicholas Birns Between the Lindens

The story was inspired by a story I heard on a bus in China, about a boy who had left his homeland during a time of persecution and who always felt in the shadow of his remarkable father. It raises questions of national and personal identity, and whether there is a chance to treat each other, and the planet itself, differently.

  Lyn Jacobs Last Orders

This story considers distance, remoteness and alienation in geographic and psychological terms. I hope the protagonist surfs to a safer shore.

  Ron Singer IBS Rides the Internet (A Fictional Memoir)

In this fictional memoir the mistaken funeral episode really took place, and it made me think a lot about my father's family. Then, thinking about my Peace Corps days in the 1960s, I remembered how many of my co-volunteers had died. I hope this story captures the spirit of those times, which combined idealism and serious work with silliness.

Complete fiction and life writing December 2018 (for printing or downloading)
  Book reviews: Criticism, Poetry, Fiction
(Editor: Sean Haylock)
  Peter Beaglehole What Matters?: Talking Value in Australian Culture by Julian Meyrick, Robert Phiddian and Tully Barnett
  Arpita Chakrabarti and Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine by Steven Salaita
  Melinda Graefe Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology, edited by Jaime Luis Huenún Villa, Spanish into Mapudungun translation by Víctor Cifuentes Palacios, Spanish into English Translation by Juan Garrido Salgado, Steve Brock and Sergio Holas.
  Saba Idris Biopolitics and Memory in Postcolonial Literature and Culture by Michael R. Griffiths
  Sirsha Nandi Africa’s Narrative Geographies: Charting the Intersections of Geocrticism and Postcolonial Studies by Dustin Crowley
  Jaydeep Sarangi Four Gardens and Other Poems by Malsawmi Jacob
  Mandy Treagus Georges Baudoux’s Jean M’Barai: The Trepang Fisherman, translated and with a critical introduction by Karin Speedy
  Amelia Walker Review of Dalit Voice: Literature and Revolt by Sharankumar Limbale and Jaydeep Sarangi
  Amelia Walker Faithfully, I Wait by Jaydeep Sarangi.
Complete Book reviews: history, theory and criticism (for printing or downloading)
  Contributors to December 2018 Issue  





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