Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature

Volume 6, Issue 2
May 2014


Letter from the Editor


Robyn Greaves Australian Author Marion Halligan – Word Artist
Wei H.  Kao Transnational Ireland on Stage: America to Middle East in Three Texts
Muneer Aram Kuzhiyan The Many Riches of Human Flourishing: On the Veiled Agent in Veil Narratives
Aloka Patel ‘Between What We Know and What We Do Not Know’: Alice Munro’s ‘Walker Brothers Cowboy’
Anna Royal Imagining Home at a Snail’s Pace in Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night
Kenneth Usongo The Force of Argument and the Argument of Force: A Study of the Rhetoric of Achamba and Abaago in Shadrach Ambanasom’s Son of the Native Soil
Review Essay  
Russell McDougall The ‘New’ World Literature: A Review Essay
Satendra Nandan A Country Too Far edited by Rosie Scott and Tom Keneally: a talk given by Professor Satendra Nandan at the book launch in the Asia Bookroom, 4 December, 2013
  * Transnational Literature May 2014: Complete Articles.*
Tee Noe Karen Resistance Poetry translated and introduced by Violet Cho
Ali Alizadeh Saga
Ken Bolton (Write To You) Another Letter
Steve Evans Japanese Conference
Alison Flett Boundary Rider
Libby Hart Mantiq a tayr
Keith Mac Nider Coonemara Dreaming
Kent MacCarter Present in Makarora Valley, New Zealand
Ian C. Smith Oddington Lodge
Christine Williams a cleave of time and place
  * Transnational Literature May 2014: Complete Poetry.*
Creative and Life Writing  

Filipa Bellette

Paper Beads
Kathryn Hummel Runia Reflected: Talk Amongst Outsiders in Bangladesh
Kevin Roberts The Face Up Table
Sunil Sharma Change
Dmitry Shlapentokh The Apotheosis of Young Barra
Lynette Washington North Atlantic Farewell
  * Transnational Literature May 2014: Complete Prose Creative and Life Writing.*
Reviews: Creative and Life Writing  
Halimah Mohamed Ali Not the Same Sky by Evelyn Conlon
Shari Argent And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Alex Cothren The Heaven I Swallowed by Rachel Hennessy
Alex Cothren The Young Desire It by Kenneth Mackenzie, introduced by David Malouf
Dan Disney Another Fine Morning in Paradise by Michael Sharkey
Gillian Dooley Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas
Lauren Dougherty Julia Paradise by Rod Jones
Sarah Dowling Thirsting for Lemonade by Heather Taylor Johnson
Steve Evans Australian Love Poems 2013 edited by Mark Tredinnick
Kay Hart Wish by Peter Goldsworthy
Kate Hayford Chalk, Cheese and Caviar by Etiennette Fennell
Reshmi Lahiri-Roy Deranged Marriage: A Memoir by Sushi Das
Gay Lynch Transactions by Ali Alizadeh
Jennifer A. Marquardt The Lowlands by Jhumpa Lahiri
Maja Milatovic Am I Black Enough For You? By Anita Heiss
Caitlin Roper Maddaddam by Margaret Atwood
Caitlin Roper The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by Joao Cerqueira
Umme Salma Songs from a Far Island by Roshanak Amrein
Michael X. Savvas The English Class by Ouyang Yu
Emily Sutherland As I Was Saying by Robert Dessaix
Emily Sutherland Passion Play by Valerie Volk
Reg Taylor Writing the Tides by Kevin Roberts
  * Transnational Literature May 2014: Complete Book Reviews: Creative and Life Writing.*
Book Reviews: History, Theory and Criticism  
Rosslyn Almond Kurt Vonnegut and the American Novel: A Postmodern Iconography by Robert T. Tally Jr.
Mary Byrne Apocryphal and Literary Influences on Galway Diasporic History by Gay Lynch
Joost Daalder The Melancholy Assemblage: Affect and Epistemology in the English Renaissance by Drew Daniel
Gillian Dooley A Country Too Far: Writings on Asylum Seekers edited by Rosie Scott and Tom Keneally
Nina Muždeka Pak’s Britannica: Articles by and Interviews with David Dabydeen and Talking Words: New Essays on the Work of David Dabydeen edited by Lynne Macedo
Eleni Pavlides The Garden of Eros: The Story of the Paris Expatriates and the Post-War Literary Scene by John Calder
V. Prem Lata Cabling India: WikiLeaks and the Information Wars by Pramod K. Nayar
Nishi Pulugurtha Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy: Once Upon a Time in a Globalized World by Constance DeVereaux and Martin Griffin
Asma Sayed Crosstalk: Canadian and Global Imaginaries in Dialogue edited by Diana Brydon and Marta Dvorak
Kay Schaffer Transcultural Identities in Contemporary Literature edited by Irene Gilsenan Nordin, Julie Hansen and Carmen Zamorano Llena
Ruth Starke The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History by Emma L. E. Rees
Kathleen Steele Secular Mysteries: Stanley Cavell and English Romanticism by Edward T. Duffy
Heather H. Yeung Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond: Interfaces of the Oral, Written, and Visual edited by Susan Gingell and Wendy Roy
  * Transnational Literature May 2014: Complete Book Reviews: History, Theory and Criticism.*
Letter from the Editor


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