Transnational Literature

Volume 1, no. 1 - February 2014


Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the February 2014 issue of Writers in Conversation. This is our very first issue, and we are delighted to publish what promises to be an exciting and diverse journal, filling a much-needed gap. As the response to our call for papers showed, there are many writers out there keen to discuss their work with interviewers, and interviewers keen to share what they have learned. Writers in Conversation welcomes them heartily!

If anything unites the interviews in this initial issue, it is, paradoxically, diversity. The pieces reflect a transnational world of global writing, with the subjects residing in India, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK; several of them live in countries other than the ones they were born in, or spend time in various locations on the globe. We are proud that this reflects the dominant strains of contemporary literature, as identified in the most recent Booker shortlist.

Rather than list all the interviews here, and what they are about, we would like you to read them and discover this for yourselves. We will simply say that, mirroring the variety of writers, there is a great diversity in the subject matter and themes discussed: approaches to writing, realism, feminist politics, fantasy. You will be introduced to writers of fiction, poetry, drama and history, and see how writers explore gender, transgender, race, politics and war. We have learned a great deal about contemporary writing in our work on these interviews, and we are sure you will too.


Nick Turner and Gillian Dooley, Editors



Winged Words: an Interview with Claire Corbett : David Golding

Claire Corbett is an Australian novelist.

An Interview with Dame Margaret Drabble : Nick Turner

Margaret Drabble is British novelist.

An Interview with Zoë Fairbairns : Nick Turner

Zoë Fairbairns is a British novelist and short story writer.

An Interview with Marlon L. Fick : Christopher Ward

Marlon L. FIck is a writer of fiction and poetry based in Mexico.

Interview with Bill Gammage, 28 October 2013 : Rowena Lennox

Bill Gammage is an Australian historian.

In Conversation with Shyamala Gogu, Dalit feminist writer, Poet, and Activist : Rajkumar Eligedi

Shyamala Gogu is an Indian poet and activist.

An Interview with Marion Halligan : Robyn Greaves

Marion Halligan is an Australian novelist.

In Conversation with Rob Harle : Sunil Sharma

Rob Harle is an Australian poet.

In Conversation with Hannah Kent : Ruth Starke

Hannah Kent is an Australian novelist.

Jane Montgomery Griffiths’ Theatrical Poetics : Autumn Royal

Jane Montgomery Griffiths is an Australian playwright.

A Kind of Craziness: Susanna Moore on Women, Writing, Sex and Feminism : Maya Linden

Susannah Moore is an American novelist.

Writing a Life Between Gender Lines: Conversations with A. Revathi about her autobiography The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story : Gayathri Prabhu

A. Revathi is an Indian autobiographical writer.

Sudeep Sen: an Interview : Ziaul Karim

Sudeep Sen is an Indian poet.

When Patriarchy Strikes: An Exclusive Interview with Qaisra Shahraz : Yasser Arafath

Qaisra Shahraz is an British-Pakistani novelist.

Peter Stansky, Historian and Writer, in Conversation: George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War : Darryl Burrowes

Paul Stansky is an American historian.

‘Setting off fireworks over a mysterious city’: An Interview with Kathleen Winter : James Bailey

Kathleen Winter is a Canadian novelist.

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