Transnational Literature

Volume 3, no. 1, February 2016: Contents

Welcome to the first issue of Writers in Conversation for 2016. As ever, we are delighted to include here a range of writers who are truly global, hailing from Poland, Denmark, Jamaica and Australia; a mixture of poets, novelists and academics, with many awards won between them. We feel privileged!

The journal is now in its third year and we'd like to thank everyone who reads and enjoys the interviews, and of course those who work so hard at putting the interviews together. Remember - we are always looking for contributions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

The interviews in this issue address many very topical questions about writing and politics in the global arena. We have very much enjoyed putting the issue together, and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Nick Turner and Gillian Dooley, Editors

Volume 3, no. 1- February 2016: Contents

Sébastien Doubinsky in Conversation with Isabelle Petiot

Sébastien Doubinsky is a bilingual French writer and academic.

Tabish Khair in Conversation with Ajay K Chaubey

Denmark-based writer Tabish Khair is a prize-winning poet and novelist who started life in regional India.

Bilingualism; Creation and Migration; Homes and Nostalgia: Art and Life with Joanna Kurowska: A Polish-American perspective. Sunil Sharma

Polish-born poet Joanna Kurowska is now based in the US.

‘Love Where You Live!’ A Conversation with Diana McCaulay. Russell McDougall and Sue Thomas

Diana McCaulay is an award-winning Jamaican novelist and short-story writer, and environmental activist.

Serendipity: A Conversation with Adrian Mitchell. Gillian Dooley

Adrian Mitchell is a Sydney-based writer who explores lesser known historical figures in fact and fiction.

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