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FHRC Archived Events:

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The Shadow of the Precursor: a conference about influence and intertextuality (December 2009)

The Story of the Story: Ethics, Therapy and Life Writing (September 2009)

Hume and the Enlightenment (July 2009)

The Eighth International Conference on Greek Research (July 2009)

Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities: a conference about migration, connection, heritage and cultural memory (December 2007)

Masterclass: Dr Susannah Radstone (in association with the Moving Cultures conference) (December 2007)

The Seventh International Conference on Greek Research (July 2007)


Cartographies of the Imagination (September 2010)

Experiential Media at Flinders (May 2009)

IUEU Visiting Research Fellow Professor Jon Johnsen (November 2008)

The AusStage Symposium: Transforming Research into Live Performance (September 2008)

Miguel Delibes on the 60th Anniversary of the Publication of His First Novel: a Symposium (September 2008)

To the Letter: Contemporary Perspectives on Epistolarity (April 2008)

Australasian Humour Scholars Network: 2007 Invitational Colloquium (April 2007)

Public Lectures

Cinema e letteratura: il caso del Gattopardo (August 2009)

The Writer and Performer in Italian Theatre (July 2009)

IUEU Visiting Scholar Professor Berteke Waaldijk (December 2008)

Public Lecture by Professor Rachel Blau duPlessis (July 2008)

Visiting Mexican Author: Mr Pablo Soler-Frost (October 2007)

Europe as Empire: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (May 2007)


The FHRC Seminar Series:

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9 February
Professor Laura Little, Beasley School of Law, Temple University, Philadelphia, “Regulating Funny: Humor and the Law
8 April
17 June
30 June
Professor Christie Davies, Reading University, UK, "Mind over Matter: a new universal model of stupidity jokes embracing blondes and analysing power"
1 December

Professor Judith Lütge Coullie, University of KwaZulu-Natal, "Making memory work in post-apartheid South Africa: The ethics of memory and the memory box project in KwaZulu-Natal"


30 March
Guest speaker Dr Fraser Cameron (Director of the EU-Russia Centre Brussels and IUEU Visiting Research Fellow), "How the EU Really Works"
6 April
27 April
4 May
11 May
Guest speaker Professor Graeme Harper of Bangor University,"Practice-Led Research: International Perspectives"
1 June
15 June
Kate Douglas (chair), FHRC Life Writing Research Group - Reading Groups Session: "In Love and Struggle": Life Writing, Letters, Feminism and the work of Margaretta Jolly.
7 September
The Pedagogy Reading Group, convened by Dr Kylie Cardell
14 September
12 October
26 October
Pedagogy Reading Group, Session 2, convened by Dr Kylie Cardell
9 November




15 March
Katie Cavanagh, Rob Pilgrim, Rebecca Vaughan (FHRC), "“The Flinders Academic Commons: background and next steps".
22 March

Professor Sheng Ning (Visiting Fellow under the Exchange Agreement between the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Flinders University), "Identification or Fabrication? -- Re-Visioning De/Constructionist China Dreams"

Francis Regan, "How and why does China help manhole cover thieves?"
29 March
Michele McCrea, "Stalking the Future and Beyond Feminist Narrative Strategies: Representing Diversity in Contemporary Quests"
5 April
Mike Gulliver (University of Bristol, UK), "Cultural Landscapes of the Deaf”
26 April
Greg Opie, "The Boy's Adventure Novel: Adventure as Escapism"
3 May
Mona Khedr, “Negotiating Muslim Identity on Egyptian and Australian Stages"
10 May
Nick Prescott, "Postmodern intertextuality and the hidden signifier: How to get from 'Rosebud' to Don DeLillo in three easy moves".
31 May
Peter Rose (Editor, Australian Book Review), "Reaching New Audiences: How to Publish in Newspapers and Magazines".
7 June
Dymphna Lonergan (English and Cultural Studies), "James Joyce and the Irish Language''.
2 August Jerry Zhang (Head of English and Communication Studies, Beijing Jiao Tong University, and Visiting Scholar in the Department of English and Cultural Studies), "A Daoist Perspective on Eco-Ethics and Eco-Criticism".
9 August Lyn Leader-Elliott, "Responsible Tourism and Place Interpretation".
16 August Joost Daalder, "Madness in Othello".
23 August Neil Cameron, “Designing Ritual and Celebration in Australia".
30 August

Jo Laffin, "'A Self-Effacing and Shy Man': Matthew Beovich, Catholic archbishop of Adelaide, 1939-71, and the challenges which face his biographer";

Alan Cadwallader, "Male Diagnosis of the Female Pen in Late Victorian Britain: private assessments of ‘Supernatural Religion’".
6 September Professor Enrico Todisco (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), "Mass migration and skilled migration".
13 September Dr Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay (Burdwan University, West Bengal), "Critiquing Space and Unspoken Word : A Study of Peter Goldsworthy's Wish".
4 October

Chad Habel, "Empty Nest-Brain and the Post-Thesis Life: Thesis Publication and Further Research";

Andrew Craig, "The Atomic Bomb: ‘That beauty the great poets dream about’".

11 October Brian Matthews, "Pursuing Literature and History in Australia: Henry Lawson and Manning Clark".
18 October

Jonathan Bollen, "Whatever happened to vaudeville? Australian variety performance from theatre to television and licensed clubs, 1945-1975".

25 October

Mag Merrilees, "Climbing Toolbrunup";

Paul Sutton, "Milton and the puns of Paradise Lost".


27 April
Dr Gillian Dooley, “Naipaul’s Women”
4 May
Katie Cavanagh, “Communicating with New Technologies: Life Narratives, Publishing, Credibility and Blogs”
11 May
Dr Mike Walsh, “Researching Cinema in Australia”
18 May
Dr Robert Phiddian and Prof. Graham Tulloch, “The right wing Phillip Adams? Walter Murdoch at The Australian in the 1960s”
25 May
Paul Sutton, “Drawing the Mind: the Puns of Sir Philip Sidney’s Apology for Poetry"
1 June
Dr Pamela Smith and Robert Keane, “Valleys of Stone: Archaeology in the Adelaide Hills”
2 June
Visiting Scholar Tom Martin (Rhodes University, South Africa), “Varieties of Racism”
8 June
Dr Karen Vered, “Next Gen, Tech Gen, Next Tech: Kids, Mobiles, and Media”
10 August
Professor Isabel Carrera, University of Oviedo, Spain, “Crossing Anglophone Borders: ‘The Americas’ and Postcolonial Theory”
17 August
Dr Diana Glenn, “The Envious Eye: Pier della Vigna (Inferno XIII and Sapia (Purgatorio XIII)”
24 August
Associate Professor Susan Petrilli, University of Bari, Italy, “Contributions to the Humanities and to Humanism from the General Science of Signs understood as Semioethics”
31 August
Associate Professor Peter Morton, “Cracking the Best-Seller Code: Fiction, Faction and The Da Vinci Code”
7 September
Dr Nilda Blanco, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba, and Dr Robert Phiddian, Head of English, will speak about Cervantes
14 September
Professor Joost Daalder, “Appreciating Shakespeare’s Versification”
5 October
Dr Rick Hosking, “Doing Goog’s Track”
12 October
Gay Lynch, “Lynch Mythic and Literary Antecedents”
19 October
Dr Kate Douglas, Issues and trends in life writing"
26 October

Associate Professor Jane James, “Telling the Stories: Integrating Heritage More Effectively in Tourism - Putting the Australian National Heritage and Tourism Thematic Interpretation Framework to the Test”;

Steve Brown, “Ritual Sacrifice”

2 November
Peter Doley will discuss - and play us some examples of - Appalachian music, as it appears in Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain
9 November

Glenn McLean, “When a Nose is just a Nose”

Daniel Principe, “Lost in Translation: Reconsidering the Director as Film Author”