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Flinders University Languages Group Online Review is a freely accessible, fully refereed international e-journal, normally published twice a year by the Department of Languages, Flinders University. The journal aims to publish high-quality academic work produced by scholars associated with tertiary institutions who are conducting research in the areas of French, Italian, Modern Greek and Spanish Studies, Applied linguistics, Language Education, Migration Studies. Previously-unpublished papers are invited from researchers in both Australian and overseas universities. Postgraduate and Honours students are also encouraged to submit papers. The journal from time to time will publish special issues, e.g. on a particular theme or containing a selection of conference papers. The journal reserves the right to publish invited papers. It is happy to receive reader feedback and to publish news of coming events and conferences.


Transnational Literature

Transnational Literature is a a freely accessible, fully refereed international e-journal published twice a year by the Humanities Research Centre, Flinders University.

Transnational Literature maintains a focus on new literatures in English, but has expanded its portfolio to consider all literatures that deal with cross-cultural contact and interaction. Postgraduate and Honours students are encouraged to submit papers.

Transnational Literature was previously published under the name Quodlibet.



Switch is the Creative Writing eJournal written, edited, and created by students at Flinders University.