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Dr Gillian Dooley (Honorary Research Fellow, Department of English, Flinders University).

Previous editor: Dr Giselle Bastin (Volume 1, co-edited with Dr Dianne Schwerdt, Department of English, University of Adelaide, and Volume 2).

Editorial Advisers:

The composition of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board reflects research interests of staff in the Department of English at Flinders University. The Board is made up of members with expertise in the following fields:
  • Post-colonial studies
  • New Literatures in English
  • Australian and International Writing
Board members:

Dr Rick Hosking (Flinders University)

Dr Dianne Schwerdt (University of Adelaide)

Dr Susan Hosking (University of Adelaide)

Dr Kate Douglas (Flinders University)

Editorial Committee:

Dr Syd Harrex (Flinders University)

Dr Giselle Bastin (Flinders University)


Mr Ben Chandler

Mr Glenn McLean

Ms Molly Murn

Mr Greg Opie

Contact Information

You can write to us at Quodlibet via email to

Dr Giillian Dooley (giillian.dooley@flinders.edu.au).

Submission of texts/material for review purposes

Books to be reviewed can be sent to:

Dr Gillian Dooley
c/- Central Library
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide 5001
South Australia

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