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Over the past thirty years Raimond Gaita has developed an original, powerful and sometimes controversial conception of the nature of morality and ethical thought. Gaita had made an outstanding contribution to contemporary analytic moral philosophy, not least for his distinctive vision of the nature of moral philosophy as an academic discipline. However the influence of his ethical thought extends through his various writings, including his acclaimed biography of his father, Romulus: My Father, well beyond academic philosophy to many researchers working in other disciplines and to many more members of the hard-thinking educated public.

On the occasion of Gaita’s retirement from the positions of Professor of Moral Philosophy at King’s College London and Foundation Professor of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University, abstracts for papers are now sought for a conference on the broad influence of Gaita’s work, including in (but not restricted to) such fields as philosophy, politics, social work, psychology law and literature, as well as in public ethical debate more generally.

Abstract of 500-1000 words to by 31 January 2011.

Confirmed conference speakers include John Coetzee, Anne Manne, Robert Manne, Alex Miller, Dorothy Scott, Gerry Simpson, and Arnold Zable.

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