Flinders University, Adelaide. South Australia.
Convenors: Dr Kylie Cardell and Dr Kate Douglas

Keynote Speaker: Dr Margaretta Jolly, University of Sussex UK.

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Increasingly, and as part of a wave of autobiography dealing with individual or collective expressions of pain, suffering and trauma, the idea of life narrative as a therapeutic mode has become significant. In the difficult ground around life narrative and ethics, the benefits of seeing self-representation as a therapeutic act has considerable appeal. In the social sciences, narrative therapy and the idea of ‘virtue ethics’ — that the human life is a storied one and that this story can be controlled to empower the individual — is a growing field of research and practice. In light of such scholarship, and given the increasing attention to ethics in all forms of life writing practice, how might we as scholars and practitioners, face up to the ethical challenges, and of life writing? What are the benefits and what are the boundaries of therapeutic life writing and what does this mean in terms of ethics — who is the author most responsible to when constructing a life writing text?

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Keynote Speaker:
Margaretta Jolly

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