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Research Groups


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Current activities:

Understanding Cultural Landscapes:


Group members are researching and documenting the best publication options in this rapidly developing field; the database resulting from this research will provide a reference point for group members' future publications, and will be expandable to cover the publication fields of other research groups.
Cultural Landscapes Journals Resource: Archaeology and Geography
Cultural Landscapes Journals Resource: Cultural Heritage and Arts


Migration of Cultures:


Members of the Migration of Cultures research group have been involved in the Centre's recent "Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities" conference, and are currently working on preparing publications derived from this event. The conference had its origin in the Migration of Cultures Symposium held in April 2006, and was hosted by the Flinders Humanities Research Centre in association with Flinders International Asia Pacific (FIAP) and the Centre for Research into New Literatures in English (CRNLE).


Life Writing:


Members of the Life Writing research group took part in "Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities", and are now involved with publications emerging from the conference. Several members of the group also attended an associated masterclass given by Dr Susannah Radstone. The group is also in the process of establishing a Life Writing group blog.


Language and Intercultural Communication (LInC):


Members of the LInC research group have been involved in the Centre's "Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities" conference, and are working toward publications emerging from this event. Members of the group have also been instrumental in developing the Languages at Flinders blog.


Computing Cultures in the Humanities:


This research group will have the ability to focus on both practical and theoretical research into communication and teaching with new models in new media, as well as to utilise such new media in research more broadly. The group is currently exploring the use of the collaboration and learning environment (CLE) program, SAKAI. The Flinders Humanities Research Centre's instance of this workspace is “The Common”.

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