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China Culture Research

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China Culture Research - Introduction

Note: This is not and may never be a final document. It is intended to be revised as the research strand evolves.



The China Culture Research Group provides a focus for scholars in Humanities at Flinders University who have an interest in China, and actively encourages cross disciplinary research and publications which examine aspects of contemporary Chinese culture. Chinese culture is broadly conceived to include film, education, tourism, drama, literature and legal culture.


This group focuses on different aspects of culture within a particular society rather than aspects of culture across societies as other groups in the Flinders Humanities Research Centre currently do. Flinders University has a strong research and teaching focus relating to the changing nature of Chinese culture. Staff research and teaching interests which are related to China are spread broadly across the School of Humanities and encompass many of the School’s major initiatives in engaging with international institutions. While these interests are diverse, their very diversity creates space for a wide range of inter-disciplinary research and teaching that explores not only specific fields of culture but also their interconnection. The activities of this group will result in a stronger and livelier focus on China in the teaching, research and creative partnerships generated within the University. Over time the activities of the group will also ensure that Flinders University becomes known for its special expertise and emphasis on Chinese culture research and teaching.



  1. foster multi-disciplinary research examining the changing nature of Chinese culture.
  2. develop links with the Chinese government, business, culture and scholarly communities in China, Adelaide and throughout Australia.
  3. encourage further development of teaching at Flinders relating to the study of Chinese culture. The aim is, over time, to ensure Flinders is the preferred South Australian university for the study of Chinese culture.
  4. produce scholarly publications exploring the changing nature of Chinese culture.
  5. encourage and produce creative works which may involve collaboration with Chinese arts institutions, and/or with Australian arts bodies interested in Chinese-Australian relations and heritage.
  6. provide an interdisciplinary forum in which to investigate new research paradigms which are emerging in the connections between creative work and other forms of research in the endeavours in which the School is engaged.
  7. incorporate Visiting Fellows into the group’s activities, including the Fellows under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)/Flinders Agreement. Visiting Fellows from China and from Flinders will be invited to participate in the group’s activities.


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