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Computing Cultures in the Humanities

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Computing Cultures in the Humanities - Definition

Note: This is not and may never be a final document. It is intended to be revised as the research strand evolves.

1949 ad

new media, n.

1. With sing. and pl. concord: new means of mass communication considered collectively; spec. electronic means such as the Internet, CD-ROMs, etc. Also: the profession of working in such a field of mass communication.


This group’s eResearch interests serve to advance and augment, rather than replace, traditional research methodologies. This group focuses on both practical and theoretical research into communication, teaching and research practices using new models in new and emerging media, and will play a key role in the dissemination of these practices throughout the Centre. Computing Cultures in the Humanities plays an active part in the larger shift in the way we write, work with, and explore academic research.


If you are interested in receiving further information about this group, please contact the Centre, or check this site again soon.


The Flinders Academic Commons


An important part of the Flinders Humanities Research Centre's activities is the planning and implementation of a DSpace digital repository (the Flinders Academic Commons). This, in turn, has led to investigations into new forms of digital communication and community building. In addition, working with the Flinders University Library on this project has opened new channels of communication and possibilities for further collaboration.


The Common


The Computing Cultures in the Humnities research group is currently exploring the use of the collaboration and learning environment (CLE) program, SAKAI. The Flinders Humanities Research Centre's instance of this workspace is “The Common”.


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