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Understanding Cultural Landscapes

Research Groups


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Understanding Cultural Landscapes - Members

Below is a list of current group members, their department, and relevant interests.

Name Department Interest

Heather Burke


  • the archaeology of European people in Australia
  • culture contact

Chris Fanning

Cultural Tourism

  • issues with language and site interpreters
  • cultural differences

Gail Greenwood


Art Museum

  • Indigenous art and culture
  • market influences on cultural production
  • visual art museums and collections
  • collection management: issues of equity, participation and access

Steve Hemming

Australian Studies

  • museums and material culture
  • cultural heritage management
  • cultural landscapes/urban planning, comparative cultural studies
  • comparative Indigenous studies in the Pacific Rim

Rick Hosking

English and Cultural Studies

  • historical research into colonial South Australia
  • Australia' s first native-born writer, John Lang

Jane James

Cultural Tourism

  • interpretation of heritage, both natural and cultural landscapes (where ' interpretation' means ' telling the story' )
  • design, management, evaluation and analysis of festivals and events, including those with a cultural focus

Janice Lally


Art Museum

  • communicating cultures
  • art history, museums and collections
  • Indigenous art and culture
  • cultural landscapes and heritage

Lyn Leader-Elliott

Cultural Tourism

  • sense of place, cultural landscapes and tourism
  • construction, management and interpretation of cultural heritage in tourism

Donald Pate


  • biological anthropology, archaeological chemistry, palaeoecology, palaeodiet, palaeoclimate (Australia, North America)

Lesley-Anne Petrie


  • heritage law
  • sense of place
  • planning law
  • sustainable development

Nick Prescott

English and Cultural Studies

  • intertextuality and allusion in film and literature
  • socio-political subtexts in postmodern literature and film
  • auteur studies

Bill Richardson

Languages - Spanish

  • place-name study
  • history of cartography

Claire Smith


  • mapping and managing Indigenous cultural heritage
  • globalisation and Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous arts and cultural diversity

Pamela Smith


  • historical archaeology (European and Indigenous)
  • cultural heritage management
  • archaeobotany
  • interpretations of cultural landscapes.

Mark Staniforth


  • maritime archaeology
  • historical archaeology
  • underwater cultural heritage management

Irene Watson


  • Indigenous social justice issues
  • race and identity
  • law and the Australian nation state
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