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Event Design Research Network

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Event Design Research Network (EDRN)

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Event Design is emerging internationally as a new paradigm in the conceptual development and creation of festivals and events. The Event Design Research Network (EDRN), part of the Flinders Humanities Research Centre at Flinders University, Adelaide, is the pre-eminent Event Design research centre in Australia. It was established in 2008 to investigate the application of event design in the field of festival and event tourism and management.




Event Design is both the development of an event concept (the idea) and the practical application of event design techniques to maximise the effectiveness of communication with, and the positive and meaningful experience for, the event’s audience and participants.


The study of Event Design is the investigation of and research into how the conceptual development of an event and the applied use of event design techniques positively influence an event’s audience and participants. The study of Event Design examines how an Event Designer can modify the design of an event to facilitate the aims and objectives of the event. © S.Brown, 2005





The EDRN produces high quality research and consulting in the following key areas:

  • international event design trends, developments and issues
  • optimal experience at festivals and events
  • international best practice in the design of festivals and events
  • the social impact of festivals and events
  • arts and cultural perspectives of festivals and events
  • education and training in event design


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* Copyright in all material available on the EDRN website is retained by the author of that document or material. Any request for use of those materials should be directed to the author. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not reflect those of the members of the EDRN.

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