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Transnational Literature is published twice a year (May and November) and welcomes the submission of

  1. unpublished papers on Postcolonial literatures, New Literatures in English, International Writing, and any literatures in English that deal with crosscultural contact and interaction;
  2. unpublished creative and life writing with an emphasis on these themes;
  3. translations of creative and critical works;
  4. reviews of books, including both scholarly and literary works, of relevance to the journal's area of interest. To receive calls for book reviewers from the editor from time to time, please join the CRNLE mailing list.
    Authors please note: We will usually be willing to receive review copies of your publications if they fall within the journal's areas of interest. Please contact the editor in the first instance. The independence of the review process is important, and we cannot accept unsolicited reviews written by associates of the author.

Transnational Literature does not charge authors submission or processing fees of any kind.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year. The refereeing process for articles is detailed below.

How to Send in a Contribution

All submissions to Transnational Literature are to be sent in electronic form as Microsoft Word documents. Please include an introductory email message and a meaningful subject line to prevent the email being treated as spam.

We accept submissions for all sections at any time. However, to be considered for the following issue, submissions of creative writing, translations and book reviews must be received by 31 March for the May issue or 30 September for the November issue each year.

Section-specific guidelines:

Scholarly articles should be in the range 4000 to 6000 words and should be accompanied by an abstract of about 200 words. Submissions should be emailed as attachments to Transnational Literature.

Translations should be sent to Transnational Literature.

Poetry: Each author should submit no more than three (3) poems for each issue. Please send them to the poetry editor, Alison Flett with a cc to Transnational Literature.

Prose creative writing should be no longer than 4000 words. Please send to the creative writing editor, Dr Ruth Starke with a cc to Transnational Literature.

Book reviews should be 800-1200 words. We do not normally accept unsolicited reviews. Please contact the editor to discuss beforehand. Submissions should be emailed as attachments to Transnational Literature.

Please contact the editor if you wish to discuss variations to these guidelines.

Selection process for peer-reviewed articles:

Articles submitted to Transnational Literature go through a two-step selection process:

Step 1: Editorial Board review

Submissions to Transnational Literature are first assessed internally by the Editorial Board. To be recommended for Step 2, articles must:

  1. fall within Transnational Literature’s designated research fields;
  2. meet the academic standards for articles published in Transnational Literature;
  3. be written in clear and grammatically correct standard academic English;
  4. be unpublished and not currently under consideration by any other publisher.

Following the Editorial Board’s assessment, contributors are notified by email of the Editorial Board’s decision.

Step 2: External peer review

Submissions that meet the Editorial Board’s requirements are then sent for double-blind peer review from experts in the field. Following the review, the authors are sent copies of the external referees’ comments and are notified as to whether or not the article is accepted for publication.

Contributors may expect to be notified of the outcome of their submissions to Transnational Literature within three months of receipt of articles by the Editor. We ask authors not to submit their articles elsewhere during this time, and to notify us should they subsequently decide to withdraw their work owing to unavoidable delays on our part.

The Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish any content submitted, and its decision is final. The responsibility for the content of any contribution published by Transnational Literature rests with the author.

The Board also reserves the right to make editorial or stylistic changes where deemed appropriate. .

Style Guide:

Please consult Transnational Literature's style guide here (PDF). If your submission is accepted, a member of the Transnational Literature editorial team will collaborate with you over style, formatting and any unresolved issues, in preparation for publication

Copyright Statement:

1. Upon accepting the Editor's offer to publish, the Author/s grant/s to Transnational Literature an irrevocable and non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce and communicate their Work in whatever form the Editorial Board deems fit, including the right to enter into agreements authorising third parties to do the same. View the Licence agreement here.

2. The Author/s retain/s copyright in their Work and may publish or authorise others to publish the entire work or any part thereof, provided always that due acknowledgement is made in any further publication that the Work was originally published in the Journal.

3. The Author/s warrant/s that they are the sole copyright owners of the Work and that it contains nothing that is defamatory or of such a nature to incur liability of any kind whatsoever, and the Author/s further agree/s to indemnify the Publisher and its employees and agents against any liability, loss or harm caused by actions arising from the publication of the Work.

4. The Publisher has the sole right to determine publication and may make editorial changes of a non-substantive nature to the work without consulting the Author/s.


Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement:

1. The publishers and editors of Transnational Literature will take all reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred.

2. In the event that the journal’s publisher or editors become aware of any allegation of research misconduct, the publisher or editor shall investigate the allegation and, if it is proven, take steps to publish corrections, clarifications or retractions, or withdraw the material as appropriate.

3. Any person having information about possible research misconduct with relation to the journal should advise the editor.



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Submission Selection Style Copyright Publication Ethics

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