Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature

Volume 4, Issue 1
November 2011


Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Volume 4, no. 1 of Transnational Literature.

In this issue, we once again offer a wealth of essays, stories, poems and reviews from writers and scholars all over the world, from Canada to Lithuania to Hong Kong. It is particularly exciting to include a special feature on ‘Literary Transculturations’, guest-edited by Jena Habegger-Conti of Bergen, Norway. The articles collected in this feature originated in the inaugural conference of the Nordic Network for Literary Transculturation Studies (NNLTS), ‘Post/Colonial and Transcultural: Contending Modernities, Presaging Globalisation’, held in Riga, Latvia in September 2010. I would like to thank Jena for all her hard work organising this feature, and her meticulous editing. It has been a great pleasure to work with her.

Other essays in this broad-ranging issue include Nicolas Birns on Patrick White, Md. Rezaul Haque on Raja Rao, Diana Jovaišienė on the Lithuanian writer Herkus Kunčius, Holly Martin on Chinese American writer Ha Jin, and Umme Salma on Alexander Pope. There is a review essay by Dorothy Driver of the book Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in South Africa: Interviews, two interviews with authors, Sandra Rota’s conversation with Altaf Tyrewala and my own with Adelaide author Amy T. Matthews, and a translation by Mohammad A. Quayum of a fascinating 1903 essay by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, exhorting Bengal’s women to throw off the chains of their oppression.

For the first time this issue, we’ve included a section of News and Views, with my report from the First Fiji Literary Festival. We invite short, newsy articles, or letters to the editor, to include in this section in future issues.

As usual we are publishing a good crop of creative writing – poems, short stories and life writing. I would like to thank our new poetry editor, Debra Zott, and Gay Lynch, our new creative and life-writing editor, for their advice and assistance with this part of the journal. I’m also pleased to announce that Emily Sutherland will be joining the editorial team from the next issue.

I would like to acknowledge the essential contribution made by the anonymous peer reviewers, without whom an academic journal cannot function, but who by the very nature of the process may not be named.

And as always, there are dozens of book reviews of works ranging from poetry to history, from fiction to literary criticism and travel. I hope you enjoy the breadth of views in this truly transnational issue of Transnational Literature.

Gillian Dooley

Special feature: Literary Transculturations. Guest Editor: Jena Habegger-Conti
Jena Habegger-Conti Letter from the Guest Editor
Anne Holden Rønning Literary Transculturations and Modernity: Some Reflections
John McLeod Sounding Silence: Transculturation and its Thresholds
Joel Kuortti Transnational Literary Slippages and Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
Ulla Rahbek Uniquely local? Reading Manjula Padmanabhan’s Short Story ‘Feast’
Anne Sophie Haahr Refskou Can Transcultural Theatre Raise the Dead? Exploring Kaj Munk’s Ordet (The Word) via Peter Brook’s Essentialist Aesthetic
Jena Habegger-Conti ‘Beautiful Infidels’ and ‘Poisonous Fruits’: Expressing and Contesting the Transcultural Tradition of The Thousand and One Nights
Erik Falk Translating Modernity: Charles Mungoshi’s Modernist Aesthetic Space
Kamal Sbiri Writing Refugee in the Era of Displacement: Reflections on Poetry
Milda Danyte Choosing Self-Hatred: How Canadian Ethnic Minority Novels of the 1950s Reflect Racist Ideas Propagated Earlier by the Dominant Majority
Rūta Šlapkauskaitė Bears, Bodies and Boundaries in Douglas Glover’s Elle: A Novel
Nicholas Birns The Solid Mandala and Patrick White's Late Modernity
Md. Rezaul Haque The Nation and One of Its Fragments in Kanthapura
Diana Jovaišienė Herkus Kunčius’ Novel The Ornament as a Postmodernist Analysis of Contemporary Lithuanian Society
Holly E. Martin Falling Into America: The Downside of Transnational Identities in Ha Jin’s A Good Fall
Umme Salma Woman and the Empire in Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock: A Rereading
Review Essay  
Dorothy Driver Trauma, Memory and Narrative in South Africa: Interviews edited by Ewald Mengel, Michela Borzaga and Karin Orantes
Gillian Dooley Walking on Graves: An Interview with Amy T. Matthews
Sandra L.M. Rota ‘The Globalisation of Ideas and Thoughts is a Supremely Hopeful Development’: An Interview with Altaf Tyrewala
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain Woman’s Downfall [‘Istrijatir Abanati’] translated and introduced by Mohammad A. Quayum
News and Views  
Gillian Dooley Fiji without Snorkelling: a report from the Fiji Literary Festival, October 2011
Creative writing – Poetry:  
David Adès A Girl, Her Mother, and Me
David Adès Gesher Haziv 1974
David Adès Snapshot at Maedan Beach
David Adès Step After Step
David Adès Yesterday’s Feast
Yiorgos Anagnostou -Αμέeriκα
Yiorgos Anagnostou Pale Imitation
Claudia Grinnell Damaged Women
Claudia Grinnell In the Room of Lost Things
Susan Gorgioski Ballast
Dean Gui Good Laundry Day
Md. Rezaul Haque Comrades, March on
Md. Rezaul Haque For J.: An Elegy
Deb Matthews-Zott Adelaide
Loula S. Rodopoulos Epistrophe
Loula S. Rodopoulos Rocks of Resistance
Loula S. Rodopoulos Township
Ian C. Smith That Hot Night
Ian C. Smith Wells-next-the-Sea
Lesley Synge Excursion to Jiri San before the mid-term holiday
Heather Taylor Johnson linger on
Heather Taylor Johnson Two Trees
Heather Taylor Johnson Waterfall
Creative writing – Prose:  
Jonathan Bellot Viola and the Passing of the Ghost Train
Chalsey Dooley A Signature – in Blood: Based on a True Story
Catherine McKinnon Will Martin
Lesley Synge Heaven’s Gate

Reviews – Creative and Life Writing:

Sophie Alexander Tripping Over Feathers: Scenes in the Life of Joy Janaka Wiradjuri Williams: A Narrative of the Stolen Generations by Peter Read
Wendy Alexander Ali Abdul v the King: Muslim Stories from the Dark Days of White Australia by Hanifa Deen
Craig Billingham I Hate Martin Amis Et Al by Peter Barry
Nicholas Birns A Whistled Bit of Bop: Poems by Ken Bolton
Sue Bond Comedy in a Minor Key by Hans Keilson
Vivek Kumar Dwivedi The Weekend by Bernhard Schlink
Tina Giannoukos Collected Poems: Francis Webb edited and introduced by Toby Davidson
Susan Gorgioski Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga
Sneja Gunew Her Father’s Daughter by Alice Pung
Kay Hart Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
Kay Hart The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht
Elisabeth Holdsworth The Foxes Come at Night by Cees Nooteboom
Elisabeth Holdsworth Iphigenia in Forest Hills by Janet Malcolm
Hannah Kent Animal People by Charlotte Wood
Gay Lynch Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville
Gay Lynch Those Who Come After by Elisabeth Holdsworth
Jennifer Osborn Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
Punyashree Panda Black Swan by Eileen Harrison and Carolyn Landon
Miriam Räthel The Map of Time by Félix J. Palma
Loula S. Rodopoulos The Reinvention of Love by Helen Humphreys
Loula S. Rodopoulos Surface to Air by Jaya Savige
Christine Runnel The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb
Susan Sheridan Primavera, or the Time of your Life by Giulia Giuffrè
David Sornig Prohibited Zone by Alistair Sarre
Ruth Starke Gioconda by Lucille Turner
Ruth Starke Here and There by A.A. Gill
Heather Taylor Johnson Autumn Laing by Alex Miller
Heather Taylor Johnson Love in the Years of Lunacy by Mandy Sayer
Heather Taylor Johnson That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott
Humphrey Tranter Bombs and Butterflies: A Child’s War by Etiennette Fennell
Graham Tulloch Marcus Clarke by Cyril Hopkins, ed. Laurie Hergenhan, Ken Stewart, and Michael Wilding
Lesley Wyndram Loose: A Wild History by Ouyang Yu
Debra Zott End of the Night Girl by Amy T. Matthews
Debra Zott Five Bells by Gail Jones
Debra Zott Waltzing With Jack Dancer: a Slow Dance With Cancer by Geoff Goodfellow, Grace Goodfellow and Randy Larcombe
Reviews – History, Theory and Criticism:
Sue Anderson Nharangga wargunni bugi-buggillu: A Journey through Narungga History by Skye Krichauff
Ingrid Birgden Journeying and Journalling: Creative and Critical Meditations on Travel Writing edited by Giselle Bastin et al.
Susan Carson Postcolonial Issues in Australian Literature edited by Nathanael O’Reilly
Gillian Dooley A Future for Criticism by Catherine Belsey
Victoria Haskins The Protectors by Stephen Gray
Heidi Ing Germans: Travellers, Settlers and their Descendants edited by Peter Monteath
David Palmer The Path of Infinite Sorrow: The Japanese on the Kokoda Track by Craig Collie and Hajime Marutani
Eleni Pavlides Making Trouble by Robert Manne
Jorge Salavert Australia and Galicia: Defeating the Tyranny of Distance / Australia e Galicia: vencendo a tiranía do afastamento, edited by María Jesús Lorenzo Modia and Roy C. Boland Osegueda
Umme Salma Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Postcolonial Studies by Suvir Kaul
Michael X. Savvas Detective Fiction in a Postcolonial and Transnational World edited by Nels Pearson and Marc Singer
Kathleen Steele The King James Bible after 400 years: Literary Linguistic and Cultural Influences edited by Hannibal Hamlin and Norman W. Jones; Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language by David Crystal


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Transnational Literature

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