Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature

Volume 4, Issue 2
May 2012


Letter from the Deputy Editor

Welcome to Volume 4, no. 2 of Transnational Literature.

My first experience with Transnational Journal of Literature as Deputy Editor has allowed me to reflect more deeply on the nature of the journal and the concept of transnational literature. In the depth and breadth of the contributions national boundaries, both geographical and cultural, are crossed. Literary boundaries, too, are crossed as the journal publishes articles, creative work, reflections and book reviews.

Among the articles we find male beauty in Patrick White’s Twyborn Affair discussed by Jean François Vernay – a timely consideration of White’s work on his centenary this month – while, by way of contrast, the perception of female prostitution is given a feminist view by Sophia I. Akhuemokhan and H. Oby Okococha. In examining the role of the female narrator Sayaka Oki also presents a feminist interpretation of the work of Ingeborg Bachmann and Jacques Derrida in Anonymity and Signature as a Productive Practice. Alzo David-West questions the interpretation of Han Sôrya’s Wolves, a North Korean story, as shallow propaganda while in Transcultural Writers and Transcultural Literature in the Age of Global Modernity Arianna Dagnino examines how transcultural writing and literature is seen as changing in a world where national boundaries are becoming less important. Adnan Mahmutovic revisits the work of Salmon Rushdie in Midnight’s Children: From Communalism to Community.

The sentiments expressed in the tributes to Professor Bruce Bennett are echoed in the poem by Md Rezaul Haque, In Memoriam Professor Md Enamul Hoque, and the obituary for Stephen Lawrence by Kate Deller-Evans and Debra Zott. Adrian Thurnwald’s Farewell to Associate Professor Richard Hosking strikes a lighter note, paying homage to his revered guru upon his retirement. In the creative writing section two themes emerge. While Year of the Horse by Kim Cheng Boey, Pearly Shells by Christine Williams and Holes in the Skein by Molly Murn highlight the slender threads within a family, Susan Daniels in The Secret and Dennis Wild in Nikolai present the darker side of human relationships. There are rich pickings in the poetry section, among them poems by Ian Gibbins and Nathanael O’Reilly which illustrate aspects of divided societies.

We have published a section on News and Views for the second time, as this proved to be popular last time. Again we ask contributors to consider reflections, reports of conferences or accounts of experiences that would be of interest and value.

The forty book reviews provide a diversity of themes, interests and opinions, and I’d draw your attention to the review essay by Joost Daalder who draws on a lifetime love and study of Shakespeare while reviewing two Australian books about the playwright.

Thanks are due once more to those who undertake peer reviewing, a necessary but time consuming task, one where they bring their expert knowledge and expertise to evaluate and guide contributors. Thanks also to Gay Lynch and Deb Zott for their work as editors of the creative writing sections. I’ll also take this opportunity to thank the editor, Gillian Dooley, who dedicates hours to the journal. They say that no one is indispensable, but I think that Gillian Dooley, as editor of this journal, is an exception to that rule.

Emily Sutherland

Peer-reviewed Articles  
Sophia I. Akhuemokhan and H. Oby Okolocha Prostitution and Personhood: A Reading of Naguib Mahfouz’s The Thief and the Dogs
Arianna Dagnino Transcultural Writers and Transcultural Literature in the Age of Global Modernity
Alzo David-West Savage Nature and Noble Spirit in Han Sŏrya’s Wolves: A North Korean Morality Tale
Adnan Mahmutovic Midnight’s Children: From Communalism to Community
Sayaka Oki Anonymity and Signature as a Productive Practice: Ingeborg Bachmann and Jacques Derrida
Jean-François Vernay Male Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Guys, Guises and Disguise in Patrick White’s The Twyborn Affair
Review Essay  
Joost Daalder Reflections apropos of Two Australian Books on Shakespeare
News and Views  
Satendra Nandan Reading Asia: Musings of a Peripatetic Writer
  Tributes to Professor Bruce Bennett by Members of the Transnational Literature Boards
Kate Deller-Evans Stephen Lawrence – a Tribute
Adrian Thurnwald Farewell to Associate Professor Richard Hosking, 27 April 2012
Creative writing – Poems:
Joan E. Bauer Four poems: 1. Dreaming of Prague; 2. Bernardo Speaking Spanish; 3. New York Skyline, 1907; 4.Dramatic Monologue: Joseph Brodsky
Ian Gibbins Two poems: 1. The Impossibility of Flight; and 2. 100 Words
Md Rezaul Haque Four Frames: 1. Down Memory Lane; 2. Adam’s Apple - An Old Story Re-told; 3. Door Keeping; 4. Lover Cancer
Md Rezaul Haque In Memoriam: Professor Md Enamul Hoque
Deb Matthews-Zott Crossing the Equator
Nathanael O'Reilly Three poems: 1. Invisible Borders; 2. Remember Armagh; 3. The Hill of Tara
Loula S. Rodopoulos Two poems: 1. Cameo bracelet; 2. Nostos
Sean Scarisbrick Two poems: 1. Further Symptoms; 2. Talk Australian For Us
Syam Sudhakar Five poems: 1. Green Sun; 2. Below the sun, Above the sea; 3. Water and Earth; 4. Annual Meeting; 5. Kaaladeepakam
Omila Thounaojam Where Do I Belong
Jael Uribe In the Murdered Peace
Jan Owen Two Poems by Charles Baudelaire: ‘Music’ and ‘The Cry of an Icarus’.

Creative writing – Prose:

Susan Daniels The Secret
Kim Cheng Boey The Year of the Horse
Molly Murn Holes in the Skein
Dennis Wild Nikolai
Christine Williams Pearly Shells
Reviews – Creative and Life Writing
Nicole Anae Five Seasons by Syd Harrex
J.C. Bannon An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark by Mark McKenna
Sanghamitra Dalal and Chandani Lokuge Rabindranath Tagore: Selected Short Stories translated and introduced by Mohammad A. Quayum
Gillian Dooley Instead of a Book by Diana Athill
Tony Gibbons The Riddle of Father Hackett by Brenda Niall
Winton Higgins Blue Nights by Joan Didion
Winton Higgins Stieg & Me: Memories of a Life with Stieg Larsson by Eva Gabrielsson with Marie-Françoise Colombani
Alan Johnson Behind Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet: A Life in Letters. Volume One: The Early Years (1940-1965); and Volume Two: The Quartet and Beyond (1966-1978) edited by Janis Haswell
Payal Khurana Bhog and Other Stories by Ankur Betageri
Rajyashree Khushu-Lahiri Beautiful Thing: Portrait of a Bombay Bar Dancer by Sonia Faleiro
Lorenzo Mari Daddy’s Wings by Milena Agus, translated by Brigid Maher
Logan Mickel The Man in Blue Pyjamas by Jalal Barzanji
Golnar Nabizadeh Some Other Country: New Zealand’s Best Short Stories (4th edition) edited by Marion McLeod and Bill Manhire
Jennifer Osborn Midnight in Peking by Paul French
Mohammad Saleem The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam
Jorge Salavert Spirit House by Mark Dapin
Jorge Salavert Tales, Poems and Songs from the Underwater World by Daran Kamali
Ruth Starke The Boyer Lectures 2011: The Idea of Home by Geraldine Brooks
Emily Sutherland What Remains by Denise Leith
Nick Turner The Long Song by Andrea Levy
Jean-François Vernay Lives of the Novelists: A History of Fiction in 294 Lives by John Sutherland
Reviews – History, Theory and Criticism
Nicole Anae Translation, Authorship and the Victorian Professional Woman: Charlotte Brontë, Harriet Martineau, George Eliot by Lisa Scholl
Paul Ardoin The Ghosts of Modernity by Jean-Michel Rabaté
David Callahan Contemporary Native Fiction of the U.S. and Canada: A Postcolonial Study by Punyashree Panda
Cecile Cutler Integrity and Historical Research edited by Tony Gibbons and Emily Sutherland
Robyn Douglass Of Rabbits, Morality etc.: The Collected Writings of Walter Murdoch edited by Imre Salusinszky
Vivek Kumar Dwivedi Literature of the Indian Diaspora edited by O.P. Dwivedi
Peter D. Fraser Narratives of Citizenship: Indigenous and Diasporic Peoples Unsettle the Nation-State edited by Aloys N.M. Fleischmann, Nancy Van Styvendale and Cody McCarroll
Alan Johnson Perennial Empires: Postcolonial, Transnational, and Literary Perspectives edited by Chantal Zabus and Silvia Nagy-Zekmi
Dymphna Lonergan Exhuming Passions edited by Katie Holmes and Stuart Ward
Nicole Moore Selected Prose of Dorothy Hewett edited and introduced by Fiona Morrison
Maggie Nolan A Different Inequality: The Politics of Debate about Remote Aboriginal Australia by Diana Austin-Broos
Jennifer Osborn Rome by Robert Hughes
Maria-Sofia Pimentel Biscaia The Traumatic Imagination: Histories of Violence in Magical Realist Fiction by Eugene L. Arva
Arnapurna Rath The Poet and His World: Critical Essays on Rabindranath Tagore edited by Mohammad A. Quyaum
Christine Runnel Postcolonial and Feminist Grotesque: Texts of Contemporary Excess by Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia
Umme Salma Conrad in the Public Eye: Biography / Criticism / Publicity edited by John G. Peters
Kathleen Steele The Great Australian Novel: A Panorama by Jean-François Vernay
Corbin Treacy Globalectics: Theory and the Politics of Knowing by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
Evelyn Wallace-Carter On Shakespeare by John Bell


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Transnational Literature

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