Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature

Volume 5, Issue 1
November 2012


Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Volume 5, no. 1 of Transnational Literature.

As always, we offer a wide range of articles, creative writing and reviews, with papers on topics ranging from what might be regarded as mainstream postcolonial criticism, to reconsiderations of classic works of the late nineteenth century such as Dracula and R.L. Stevenson’s The Ebb Tide. This issue also includes three translations, two from the Bangla of the early 20th century feminist writer Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, and one from the Kashmiri of short story writer, Akhtar Mohiuddin.

Our creative and life writing editor has gathered stories from all over the world, and the poetry section includes a good crop of Australian poets, some of them expatriates, as well as some poets from overseas. Dozens of book reviews, of historical, theoretical and critical works as well as creative and life writing, complete the issue.

We have two exciting announcements to make. We have been approached by the editors of the well-regarded Australian journal New Literatures Review with a proposal to merge our two journals. The journal will continue to be known as Transnational Literature, and will be freely available online as before. It will be strengthened by the addition of expertise from the NLR editorial team at the University of Tasmania, and distinguished members of their Advisory Board will swell the ranks of our boards.  

The other interesting development is that in August this year we signed a contract with ProQuest to be included in their Literature Online resource. They have confirmed that Transnational Literature will be included in their December upload. I believe this is a major boost for Transnational Literature, and I am very pleased that they approached us unsolicited to join them. This will add significantly to our profile, which is already impressive: a recent sample of downloads from the journal over a six-month period showed that just three of the issues have generated 26,462 downloads, which represents an average of more than 100 downloads per item.

The news is not universally positive, however. Deb Matthews-Zott, who has formally been our poetry editor since May 2011, and a valued advisor for much longer, has decided to step aside in order to focus on other projects. I would like to thank her for all her help, support and friendship over the years. She will remain on the Editorial Board.

Gillian Dooley

Niyi Akingbe Writing Protest Obliquely: Articulating the Burden of a Nation in Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah
Nath Aldalala’a The Reluctant Fundamentalist: The Re-territorialisation of the Encounter between America and its Muslim ‘Other(s)’
Alaa Alghamdi Navigating Transition: Freedom, Limitation and the Post-colonial Persona in Michael Ondaatje’s The Cat’s Table
King-Kok Cheung ‘Theorizing in Narrative Form’: Premonitions of Orientalism and Racist Love in Bing Xin’s ‘The Photograph'
Christy Danelle Di Frances R.L. Stevenson’s ‘Most Grim and Gloomy Tale’:
The Ebb-Tide as Deconstruction of Colonial Adventure Narrative
Ahmed Gamal Postcolonial Recycling of the Oriental Gothic: Habiby’s Saraya, The Ghoul’s Daughter and Mukherjee’s Jasmine
Johan Höglund Catastrophic Transculturation in Dracula, The Strain and The Historian
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: Complete Articles and Essays.*
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain Home: Translated from Bengali by Mohammad Quayum
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain Nurse Nelly: Translated from Bengali by Mohammad Quayum
Akhtar Mohiuddin Fixture: translated from Kashmiri by Ishrat Bashir
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: Complete Translations.*
Creative Writing: Poetry  
Isabela Banzon My Daughter’s Apples, Kapok, Toast
Md Rezaul Haque The Postcolonial Condition
Jeri Kroll Why Cows? Irish Landscape Art
Deb Matthews-Zott Zinnbauer
Kieran Murphy Living On Light
Nathanael O'Reilly St. John’s Wood, Ayr, Homage, Cupcakes and Monsters
Loula S. Rodopoulos Dialogue, Ink-Stained Women
Rob Walker The City Becomes a Painting
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: complete Creative Writing: Poetry.*
Creative Writing: Short Stories
Danielle Clode The Last Whale
Alzo David-West Dalenka
Tamara Lazaroff Prison in Macedonia
Maija Mäkinen Hiding in Full View
Kieran Murphy The Lantern
H. Oby Okolocha Blackberry
Emily Sutherland Fresh Pastures
Tiffany Tsao Old Maid
Geetha Waters Lime and Water
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: Complete Creative Writing: Short Stories.*
Reviews: Creative and Life Writing  
Nicholas Birns Review of Eighth Habitation: New Poems by Adam Aitken
Sue Bond Review of Open City by Teju Cole
Gillian Dooley Review of How to Fight Islamic Terror from the Missionary Position by Tabish Khair
Vivek Kumar Dwivedi Review of Lost Memory of Skin by Russel Banks
Tina Giannoukos Review of Interferon Psalms by Luke Davies
Md Rezaul Haque Review of Joan in India by Suzanne Falkiner
Kay Hart Review of Antonia and Her Daughers by Marlena di Blasi
Kate Hayford Review of Eleven Seasons by Paul D. Carter
Rachel Knighton Review of Man of the House and Other New Short Stories from Kenya edited by Emma Dawson
Charles Manis Review of Vishvarupa by Michelle Cahill
Deb Matthews-Zott Review of Letters to My Lover from a Small Mountain Town by Heather Taylor Johnson
Colette Mrowa-Hopkins Review of Lettres d'Australie by Anselme Ricard, edited by Peter Hambly
Loula S. Rodopoulos Review of Southern Sun, Aegean Light: Poetry of Second-Generation Greek-Australians edited by N. N. Trakakis
Loula S. Rodopoulos Review of The Word - Two Hundred Years of Polish Poetry translated by Marcel Weyland
Christine Runnel Review of The Rest is Silence by Carla Guelfenbein
Umme Salma Review of Your Essence, Martyr edited by Alamgir Hashmi
Monika Stasiak Review of Nightsiders by Sue Isle
Kathleen Steele Review of The Imago: E. L. Grant Watson and Australia by Suzanne Falkiner
Emily Sutherland Review of A Possible Life: A Novel in Five Parts by Sebastian Faulks
Heather Taylor Johnson Review of Proofs by Christopher Conti
Heather Taylor Johnson Review of My Planets by David Reider
Nick Turner Review of Super Sad Love Story by Garry Shteyngart
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: Complete Book Reviews: Creative and Life Writing.*

Reviews: History, Theory and Criticism

Sue Anderson Review of Beyond White Guilt: The real challenge for black-white relations in Australia by Sarah Maddison
David Borman Review of Literature for Our Times: Postcolonial Studies in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Bill Ashcroft et al.
David Buchanan Review of The Historical Novel in Nineteenth-Century Europe: Representations of Reality in History and Fiction by  Brian R. Hamnett
Vivek Kumar Dwivedi Review of Intercultural Crossings: Conflict, Memory and Identity edited by Lénia Marques, Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia and Glória Bastos
Steven Gin Review of Narrating Indigenous Modernities: Transcultural Dimensions in Contemporary Māori Literature by Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu
Jena Habegger-Conti Review of  Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights by Marina Warner
Britta Hartmann Review of Global Crusoe: Comparative Literature, Postcolonial Theory and Transnational Aesthetics  by Ann Marie Fallon
Alexander Hartwiger Review of Countering Displacements: The Creativity and Resilience of Indigenous and Refugee-ed Peoples, edited by Daniel Coleman et al.
Lesley Hawkes Review of Horizons of Enchantment: Essays in the American Imaginary by Lene M. Johannessen
Peter C. Kunze Review of Merchant-Ivory: Interviews edited by Laurence Raw
David Lohrey Review of Gonzo Republic: Hunter S. Thompson's America by William Stephenson
David Lohrey Review of Writing Tangier in the Postcolonial Transition: Space and Power in Expatriate and North African Literature by Michael K. Walonen
Scott McLeod Review of Pynchon’s Against the Day: A Corrupted Pilgrim’s Guide edited by Jeffrey Severs & Christopher Leise
Nina  Muždeka Review of Literature of the 1980s: After the Watershed by Joseph Brooker
Jennifer Osborn Review of Angela Carter and Decadence: Critical Fictions/Fictional Critiques by Maggie Tonkin
Eleni Pavlides Review of Dislocalism: The Crisis of Globalization and the Remobilizing of Americanism by Sarika Chandra
Nishi Pulugurtha Review of After the Celebration: Australian Fiction 1989-2007 by Ken Gelder and Paul Salzman
Susan Sheridan Review of The Shadow of the Precursor edited by Diana Glenn, Md Rezaul Haque, Ben Kooyman and Nena Bierbaum
Emily Sutherland Review of Dante’s Reforming Mission and Women in the Comedy by Diana Glenn
Emily Sutherland Review of Try Whistling This: Writings About Music by Andrew Ford
Adrian Thurnwald Review of Resurrection from the Underground: Feodor Dostoevsky by René Girard, translated by James G. Williams
Heather Hei-Tai Yeung Review of Contrary Rhetoric: Lectures on Landscape and Language by John Kinsella, edited and introduced by Glen Phillips and Andrew Taylor.
  * Transnational Literature November 2012: Complete Book Reviews: History, Theory and Criticism.*


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