Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature


Volume 7, Issue 1
November 2014

Letter from the General Editor

Welcome to the November 2014 issue of Transnational Literature.

2014 has been a good year for the journal. Our reach becomes constantly wider – recent statistics show that each of our articles has been downloaded on average more than 600 times, surely a figure most academic journals in print could only dream about. We’re proud of being a free open-access journal, available to anyone with internet access, while maintaining a high standard.

This issue is a typically diverse one. Although each of the peer-reviewed articles focuses on fiction, there is a truly international selection. We have papers on Antiguan expatriate author Jamaica Kincaid, on Russian-Israeli literature, on Rabindranath Tagore, and on Haruki Murakami. There is a review essay on Indian-Danish author Tabish Khair, and a transcript of a speech given at the launch of American-Australian poet Jeri Kroll’s latest book.

Also included is a translation of a story by Kashmiri writer Ali Mohammad Lone (1927-1987).

Seven stories make up our prose creative writing section, with themes ranging from suburban neurosis to literary hero-worship, as well as the big issues – death, ageing, sex, relationships and sexuality. Relationship to place is also important, whether the characters are expatriates or disaffected locals: many of the authors have travelled and lived extensively overseas.

Our poetry editor, Heather Taylor Johnson, is overseas at a writing residency and so we have taken the opportunity of appointing a guest poetry editor for this issue. Alison Flett has solicited a lively collection of poems from her Scottish colleagues, and this makes a special feature within the poetry section, along with a group of other poems from a broad range of writers. Read Alison’s introduction here.

We hope you enjoy the November issue.

List of Contributors
Peer-reviewed articles

Eleanor Anneh Dasi ‘Home and Away’: Reconstructing Identity in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy
Kylie Moore-Gilbert Aliyah and Identity in Israeli-Russian Literature
Mohammad A. Quayum Humour in Rabindranath Tagore’s Selected Early Short Stories: A Freudian Reading
Heather H. Yeung ‘More than the Sum of its Parts’: Popular Music, Gender, and Myth in Haruki Murakami’s Fiction
Review Essay  
Md. Rezaul Haque Colonial Thugs and Metropolitan Things: White Man’s Twin Burdens: Tabish Khair, The Thing about Thugs
Jan Owen Workshopping the Heart: New and Selected Poems by Jeri Kroll (Wakefield Press, 2013): Speech given at the Launch at Flinders University Library, 15 May 2014
Ali Mohammad Lone The Void, translated from the Kashmiri by Ishrat Bashir
  *Transnational Literature, November 2014: complete articles in one file for ease of downloading or printing*

Special feature:
Scottish Poetry

Alison Flett (guest editor) Introduction: Looking at the Thistle
Pam Beasant Visitors
Alec Finlay Islands
John Glenday Northeasterly
King Oscar Land
Yvonne Gray Grave Goods: Tankeringen
Richie McCaffery Skein
Wayward Bound
Kevin MacNeil A Buddhist’s Guide to Dealing with Malicious Critics
Kona Macphee Telemetry
Alistair Peebles Here We Go
Chris Powici Rook
Otter Goddess
Wayne Price All Pictures are for Sale
Desert Stop
Ian Stephen Abandoned house on tidal island
It goes on down
Tim Turnbull The Great Be Empty
Tay – Autumn
Christie Williamson Rote
  *Transnational Literature, November 2014: complete Scottish poetry section in one file for ease of downloading or printing*
General Poetry
J.V. Birch Instinct
Kathryn Hummel Travel Notes: Dhaka
Keith Mac Nider The Bridge
Rachael Mead Rapid Learning
Kayaking with a Head Cold
Umme Salma My father lives in ‘merica
Thom Sullivan Blush
Rob Walker 7 haiku
Ouyang Yu Medicine
A nation
this is a pretty unhappy country
snapshots of an awarding ceremony
  *Transnational Literature, November 2014: complete general poetry section in one file for ease of downloading or printing*
Creative and Life Writing  
Michael Armstrong Horticultural Interruptus
Matt Constable Ayesha the Obeyed
Joe Milan Names
Sunil Sharma The Man Who Wanted To Write Like Marquez
Ron Singer Their Countries of Origin
Lesley Synge Beware, Otherwise
Rob Walker Cigarette
  *Transnational Literature, November 2014: Complete Prose Creative and Life Writing in one file for ease of downloading or printing*
List of Contributors

Book reviews:
Creative and Life Writing

Sadiqa Beg Review of Coal Creek by Alex Miller
Katerina Bryant Review of In Certain Circles by Elizabeth Harrower
Sutapa Chaudhuri Review of Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love Poetry for Valentine’s Day selected by Dennis Haskell
Sutapa Chaudhuri Review of The Double and Other Stories by Maria Takolander
Kay Hart Review of Lost River: four albums by Simone Lazaroo
Rajender Kaur Review of A God in Every Stone by Kamila Shamsie
Lorenzo Mari Review of A History of Silence by Lloyd Jones
Jennifer Osborn Review of The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
Murari Prasad Review of The Ruined Nest and Other Stories by Rabindranath Tagore edited and translated by Mohammad A. Quayum
Jorge Salavert Review of Montebello by Robert Drewe
Umme Salma Review of The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem by Frederick Glaysher
Ruth Starke Review of The Eye of the Sheep by Sophie Laguna
Kathleen Steele Review of Thicker than Water by Judith Colquhoun
Emily Sutherland Review of Faded Letters by Maurizio Ascari
  *Transnational Literature, November 2014: Complete Book Reviews (Creative and Life Writing) in one file for ease of downloading or printing*

Book Reviews:
History, Theory and Criticism

Rosslyn Almond Review of Literary Fiction: The Ways We Read Narrative Literature by Geir Farner
Sue Bond Review of The Fiction of Autobiography: Reading and Writing Identity by Micaela Maftei
Laura Deane Review of Decolonizing the Landscape: Indigenous Cultures in Australia edited by Beate Neumeier and Kay Schaffer
Mathias Donfouet Review of African Literatures and Beyond: A Florilegium by Bernth Lindfors and Geoffrey V. Davis
Jennifer Hein Review of Witnessing Australian Stories: History, Testimony and Memory in Contemporary Culture by Kelly Jean Butler
Alan Johnson Review of Reading Theory Now: An ABC of Good Reading with J. Hillis Miller by Éamonn Dunne
Adam R. McKee Review of The Feel of the City: Experience of Urban Transformation by Nicolas Kenny
Jennifer Osborn Review of The Censor’s Library by Nicole Moore
Ashwinee Pendharkar Review of Reading Zadie Smith: The First Decade and Beyond edited by Philip Tew
Jill Roe Review of An Unsentimental Bloke: The life and work of C.J. Dennis by Philip Butterss
Christine Runnel Review of Postcolonial Studies Across the Disciplines edited by Jana Gohrisch and Ellen Grünkemeier
Paul Sharrad Review of Manohar Malgonkar: a study of his complete fiction, by D.S. Rao
Heather H. Yeung Review of Perspectives on World War I Poetry by Robert C. Evans

*Transnational Literature, November 2014: Complete Book Reviews (History, Theory and Criticism) in one file for ease of downloading or printing*

List of Contributors


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