Transnational Literature


Transnational Literature

Volume 7, Issue 2
May 2015

Letter from the Editor



Welcome to the May 2015 issue of Transnational Literature.

This issue includes the first fruits of a project conceived early last year, to make a feature of Philosophy and Literature – Philosophy as Literature. Included are two peer-reviewed articles and two creative pieces, and we expect that the November issue will include more on this fascinating theme.

In the general section of the issue, we have a bumper crop of seven excellent peer reviewed articles on a wide range of literature. There is an emphasis on diasporic writers, the true border-crossers, who began life in countries as diverse as India, Vietnam, Iran, Japan and the United States and are now living and writing in Australia, the UK, Japan and the United States.

Two translations are included, an enigmatic poem from the Mandarin and a satirical story from Urdu.

Creative writing is flourishing, with two dozen stories and poems, all in some way reflecting the transnational experience of their authors. And nearly the same number of book reviews, on poetry, fiction and criticism, round out our fourteenth issue.
At the end of our seventh year of publication, I would like to pay tribute to the dedicated team of editors who make this journal possible. Kathryn Koromilas did a huge amount of work towards our Philosophy feature, and although she has been unable to carry it through to publication owing to circumstances beyond her control, it would never have happened without her.

Our section editors Heather Taylor Johnson (poetry), Gay Lynch (prose creative writing), Md Rezaul Haque (translations) and Patrick Allington and Ruth Starke (reviews) work their editorial duties into very busy lives, and I am very grateful for the time and care they take working with contributors to make sure that each contribution is the best it can be. I would particularly like to pay tribute to Gay Lynch, who is stepping aside as prose creative writing editor after this issue, for the meticulous attention she has devoted to this section of the journal over past few years. Many authors have benefited by Gay’s careful attention to their writing.

And let us not forget those editors who work behind the scenes, helping with the necessary but unglamorous work of assessing articles and seeing them through peer review. Emily Sutherland and Paul Ardoin are invaluable and trusted colleagues, and Molly Murn has helped with editorial work on this issue as well. There is also a whole anonymous army of peer reviewers, without whom we could not operate as an academic journal.

And most of all, thanks to all the contributors. Here’s to the next seven years!

Gillian Dooley

Special feature: Philosophy and literature; philosophy as literature
(Part One)  
Guest editor: Kathryn Koromilas
Peer-reviewed articles  
Daphne Giofkou The Writer as an Acrobat: Deleuze and Guattari on the Relation between Philosophy and Literature (and How Kierkegaard Moves in-between)
Joshua Hall Differential–Surface: Deleuze and Superhero Comics
Creative Writing  
Robert Lumsden The Gift
Jonathan Paul Marshall

Plato and Gorgias walk into a Symposium


Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Special feature on Philosophy and Literature (Part One) in one file for ease of downloading and printing

Volume 7, No. 2, May 2015  
Peer-reviewed articles  
Shanjida K. Boksh Memorials in Robert Lowell's Poetry: The Synthesis of the Public and the Private
Lachlan Brown Worlds Apart: Nam Le’s The Boat and Ali Alizadeh’s Transactions
Tamás Juhász Inaudible Sons: Music and Diaspora in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled
Suzanne Kamata Sister Cities: Border Crossings and Barriers in David Zoppetti's Ichegensan and John Warley's A Southern Girl
Reshmi Lahiri-Roy Reconciling Identities: The Diasporic Bengali Woman in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
Shadi Neimneh Autofiction and Fictionalisation:J.M. Coetzee’s Novels and Boyhood
Gayathri Prabhu Retelling Nature: Realism and the Postcolonial-Environmental Imaginary in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Articles in one file for ease of downloading and printing

Geng Xiang
‘After Reviewing.’ Translated from the Urdu and introduced by Mubashir Karim

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete translations in one file for ease of downloading and printing



S.Z. Abbas
And Gogo Shall Die
Richard James Allen
Yiorgos Anagnostou
Tricia Dearborn
In America
Jelena Dinic
Crossing borders
Norm Neill
Cynthia D. Nelson
Stuart A. Paterson
Ian C Smith
Vicky Tsaconas
John Upton
Ron Wilkins
Jena Woodhouse
  Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Poetry in one file for ease of downloading or printing

Creative and Life Writing

Michael Armstrong Inshallah
Alzo David-West Cold Restless Water
Janet Kaye Garrick Colonel Light's Footprint
Suzanne Kamata War and Peace and Napoleon
Martha Mylona The Arrival
Wendy Nakanishi Never the Twain
Sunil Sharma The Meeting With Hemingway
Ron Singer In Ethiopia Once
Vicky Tsaconas My Mother's Dress
Jena Woodhouse Postcards from Arles
Hitoko Yamada Sounds of the Wind

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Prose Creative and Life Writing in one file for ease of downloading or printing

Book Reviews - Poetry  
Harry Aveling Poems of Mya Kabyar, Tin Nwan Lwin & Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw translated from the Burmese by Violet Cho and David Gilbert
Pratap Kumar Dash Homeward Bound edited by Rob Harle and Jaydeep Sarangi
Konstantina Georganta The Blind Man with the Lamp by Tasos Leivaditis, translated by N.N. Trakakis
Michael Jacklin Persuading Plato by Ioana Petrescu
Umme Salma Fixing the Broken Nightingale by Richard James Allen
Umme Salma Voices Across The Ocean: Poetry from Australia & India edited by Rob Harle and Jaydeep Sarangi
Debra Zott Net Needle by Robert Adamson

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Book Reviews (Poetry) in one file for ease of downloading or printing

Book Reviews - Prose Creative and Life Writing  
Katerina Bryant The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted the War by Sumia Sukkar
Lauren Dougherty The Yellow Papers by Dominique Wilson
Gay Lynch The Essence of the Thing by Madeleine St John
Russell McDougall Lions by Kevin Roberts
Iva Polak A Most Peculiar Act by Marie Munkara
Jorge Salavert Springtime by Michelle de Kretser
Kathleen Steele Hunger Town by Wendy Scarfe
Heather Taylor Johnson Merciless Gods by Christos Tsiolkas

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Book Reviews (Creative and Life Writing) in one file for ease of downloading or printing

Book Reviews - History, Theory and Criticism

Tamara Braunstein Sexual Feelings: Reading Anglophone Caribbean Women’s Writing through Affect by Elina Valovirta
Sutapa Chaudhuri Tracing the New Indian Diaspora edited by Om Prakash Dwivedi
Lorenzo Mari Syncretic Arenas: Essays on Postcolonial African Drama and Theatre for Esiaba Irobi edited by Isidore Diala
Jennifer Osborn The Road to Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead
Suman Sigroha Experimental Fiction: An Introduction for Readers and Writers by Julie Armstrong
Emily Sutherland The Road to Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead
Graham Tulloch Uneasy Subjects: Postcolonialism and Scottish Gaelic Poetry by Silke Stroh
Amanda Williams Through the long corridor of distance: Space and Self in Contemporary New Zealand Women’s Autobiographies by Valerie Baisnee

Transnational Literature, May 2015: Complete Book Reviews (History, Theory and Criticism) in one file for ease of downloading or printing



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